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Apologies for any inquiry delays. We are busy shifting our store's inventory database to a new server with a new UI (User Interface) that is easier for customers to use. Sorry for any troubles this may cause during our move.
We starting credit card payment !!
If you have no paypal account, you can use your dredit card on our store.
However you have to serect paypal payment method.
Because your credit card can be use on paypal screen.
We hope more easy shopping on our online store.
We will wait many customer coming our online store.

Kind regards.

We are take 3days hollydays at Aug 28th-30th.
We can't shipping hollyday time.
So We will ship after toonk store summer hollydays.
We hope your understand.

★Level 0:18


3 KLK/S27-003 Mako, Worrying
2 KLK/S27-012 Guts, Following Along


2 KLK/S27-043 Ryuko, Deepening Bond
4 KLK/S27-045 Senketsu, Ryuko's Outfit


2 KLK/S27-073 Satsuki, Before the Final Battle
2 KLK/S27-074 Satsuki, First Step to the Goal
3 KLK/S27-086 Satsuki, on Top of the Skyscraper

★Level 1:13


2 KLK/S27-047 "Berserk" Ryuko
3 KLK/S27-051 Ryuko, Wearing Junketsu


4 KLK/S27-076 Satsuki, Incredible Spirit
4 KLK/S27-095 Junketsu

★Level 2:6


2 KLK/S27-001 Mako, Not-so-great Daughter of Illegitimate Doctor


3 KLK/S27-064 Ryuko, Related by Blood


1 KLK/S27-092 Gamagouri, Elite Four of the Student Council

★Level 3:5


2 KLK/S27-002 Mako, Can't Be Stopped


3 KLK/S27-042 Ryuko, Decided to Wear and Finish the Fight!



3 KLK/S27-070 Life Fiber Synchronize, Kamui Senketsu!
2 KLK/S27-068 Graduating from Sailor Uniform


3 KLK/S27-019 I Said, It's My Turn!
Weiß Schwarz Little Busters! Deck List

Character Card

2 LB/W06-003 "Costumed Mascot" Sasami
4 LB/W02-028 Rin Natsume
1 LB/W02-051 "Splendid Sword Saint" Yuiko
3 LB/W02-057 "Red Riding Hood" Mio
2 LB/W06-051 Haruka, Water Shot
2 KW/W11-079 Kud, Light of Balloons
2 KW/W11-083 Kud, CRamming
4 LB/W02-055 Riki Naoe
2 LB/W06-059 "Cool and Playful" Yuiko
3 LB/W02-079 "Pleasantly Cute" Komari
1 LB/W06-084 "Perfect Invincible Girl" Saya
2 LB/W02-066 Yuiko & Haruko
4 LB/W02-092 "Dressed Up" Komari
1 LB/W06-086 "Happy Spiral" Komari
1 LB/W06-056 "Ecstasy Mode" Saya
4 LB/W06-081 Mio in Maid Uniform
2 KW/W11-077 "Starduster" Himuro

Event Card

2 LB/W06-071 Busy Kanata

Climax Card

4 LB/W02-073 Little Busters!
1 LB/W02-074 Some Point in the Future
1 LB/W06-073 Hard-Working Chairman
2 KW/W11-100 Encounter by the Poolside
Its a our store winner's deck.

Weiß Schwarz Tournament

Character Card

3 SAO/S20-003 Asuna, Lying Across the Sofa
4 SAO/S20-004 Asuna, Imprisoned Queen
3 SAO/S20-007 Asuna, Dignified Strength
3 SAO/S20-008 Asuna, Newlywed Life
2 SAO/S20-010 Asuna, Vice Guild Leader
3 SAO/S20-011 Asuna, Waiting Out Rain
4 SAO/S20-050 Lizbeth, Artisan's Pride
2 SAO/S20-051 Silica, Straightforward Trust
4 SAO/S20-047 Silica, Little Sister-like Being
2 SAO/S20-053 Lizbeth, Determined to Propose
1 SAO/S20-078 Klein, Katana Wielder
2 SAO/S20-079 Kirito, Putting Self on the Battlefield
2 SAO/S20-083 Kirito, Solo Player

Event Card

3 SAO/S20-022 Sacrifice

Climax Card

4 SAO/S20-072 Sought Warmth
4 SAO/S20-074 Pina's Resurrection
We corrected construction of the category.
It became possible to search easily rather than former.

Yu-Gi-Oh Size Anime Sleeves
Anime Sleeves
Yu-Gi-Oh Sleeves
Pokemon Sleeves
Cardfight!! Vanguard Sleeves
Zillions of Enemy X (Z/X) Sleeve
We start selling new Trading Card Game Zillions of Enemy X !!
Z/X is fun TCG and looks beautiful artwork cards.
Please look at picture in our online store!!

Z/X Assault of the Black God (B04)
Todays Deck information is "Shadow Paladin"

Main series is BT04 and BT05

Shadow Paladin Deck

Grade 3
4 Phantom Blaster Overlord
3 Phantom Blaster Dragon

Grade 2
2 Blaster Dark
4 Knight of Nullity, Masquerade
2 Darkness Maiden, Macha
3 Skull Witch, Nemain

Grade 1
4 Black Sage, Charon
3 Witch of Nostrum, Arianrhod
4 Blaster Javelin
1 Nightmare Painter
3 Dark Shield, Mac Lir

Grade 0
1 Fullbau (First Vanguard)
4 Death Feather Eagle
4 Grim Reaper
4 Abyss Freezer
4 Abyss Healer
Dark Irregulars

Todays Deck information is "Dark Irregulars"

Mail series is BT03 and BT07.

Grade 3
4 Bladewing Reggie
4 Dark Lord of the Abyss  

Grade 2
4 Emblem Master  
4 Werewolf Sieger  
2 Blue Dust  

Grade 1
4 Prisoner Beast  
2 Yellow Bolt  
4 Alluring Succubus  
2 Succubus of Courtship 
3 March Hare of Nightmareland  

Grade 0
1 Devil In Shadow  
4 Dark Knight of Nightmareland  
2 Blitz Ritter  
4 Hysteric Shirley  
2 Mad Hatter of Nightmareland  
2 Cheshire Cat of Nightmareland  
2 Cursed Doctor  
We go to a Cardfight!! Vanguard 2012 World Championships - Toronto Qualifiers!!
I guess go Saturday evening.
Because We go to YCS Tront too.
Since I plans to bring a single cards and a some product, sleeves deck box etc.
Hit me up !!
We will take store design uniform.
See you soon everybody :)

Todays Deck information is "Spike Brothers"

Grade 3 (8)
4 Juggernaut Maximum
4 Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor

Grade 2 (10)
3 Highspeed, Brakki
2 Fierce Leader, Zachary
2 Panzer Gale
3 Treasured Black Panther

Grade 1 (13)
3 Wonder Boy
1 Dudley Dan
3 Cheer Girl, Marilyn
3 Medical Manager        
3 Reckless Express       

Grade 0 (19)
1 Mecha Trainer            
2 Redshoe Milly         
4 Silence Joker          
4 Sonic Breaker          
4 Cheerful Lynx          
4 Cheer Girl, Tiara         
Todays Deck information is "Great Nature"

Mail series is BT07.

Grade 3
School Hunter, Leo-pald x4
Magnet Crocodile x3

Grade 2
Geograph Giant x4
Binoculars Tiger x3
Lamp Camel x2
Globe Armadillo x2

Grade 1
Pencil Squire, Hammsuke x4
Cable Sheep x4
Silver Wolf x4
Monoculars Tiger x3

Grade 0
Acorn Master x1
Triangle Cobra x4
General Cat x4
Dictionary Goat x4
Ruler Chameleon x4
Japanese Cardfight Vanguard Vol.6 Limit Brake release date is April 28.
And,Cardfight Vanguard Nendroid plus April middle.
This figure is about 2 inches.
But Super high quality!!
Thanks to everyone for a great first few months. Unfortunately (well that's a matter of perspective :p), I will be on my annual 1 week holiday in Tokyo from the 28th of December until the 4th of January. I will have limited internet access but still able to answer inquiries. Orders can be placed during this time but shipping will not be possible until the 4th when all outstanding orders will be shipped. In the meanwhile, anything ordered up until today has already been shipped. Thanks for your continuing support! -Christopher
From the 15th to the 21st of December we will be away on a trip. It's still possible to place orders but please note that all orders will be dispatched on the 22nd of December. Thanks for your patience.
Thanks to everyone for a great 2 week start! Soon we will be updating the store with English edition Cardfight!! Vanguard singles, Booster Packs and Boxes! Also, we're starting to stock Japanese Vanguard Playmats, Japanese Action figures, Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese playmats, sleeves and deckboxes. Plus some different Japanese Collectible Cards. Keep an eye on the site as there will be a big update soon!
Thanks to everybody who has viewed this page and and even bigger thanks to those who have placed orders. As you can see, the site is not fully complete and still has a lot of different items that need to be added. But for now, we are open and you can place orders on what we have listed currently. We apologise for any inconvenience at the moment but if you are ordering deckboxes, sleeves or mixed orders, please select ''Advise Delivery Cost Later'' in the shipping menu. There is a temporary glitch that is miscaculating the shipping cost. We strive to keep to actual shipping costs to keep prices down for our customers. Please bear with us while we are sorting out this glitch.

And please check back often as we are adding more and more everyday!